By Aaron Nolan

If you pay attention to sports in any way, you are quite aware that there is plenty of money involved in almost every sport and for most of us, we are sort of impartial when it comes to how we feel about it. We often roll our eyes when we hear of the latest sports contract worth hundreds of millions of dollars or the latest TV deal struck up between a league and a television network. In the end though, we the fans are the ones pumping most of the money into sports, so do we really have room to complain about it? Whether we like it or not there is a substantial amount of money in sports, but something we often don’t think about is how much are sports teams paying to win?

In sports a team’s success is measured by one main thing, wins, but have you ever sat down and thought about just how much teams pay for each win? Xune recently partnered with a stats guru to do some research to dive deeper into this question. The sport of choice for this experiment was baseball, simply because it is the only major sport that does not have a salary cap, therefore perfect to find out what teams are paying for a win. The formula was simple, add up the amount of money spent on personnel and staff for the 2017 season and divide that by each team’s win total up to this point in the season, the results were stunning.


A close look at the chart may help you realize that winning costs a lot more than you could have ever imagined. Topping the list was the Detroit Tigers who have spent a whopping 3.2 million dollars per win this season and about 100k behind them is the San Francisco Giants at 3.095 million per game. The “most frugal” team when it comes to dollars spent per win is the Milwaukee Brewers who have only spent about one million per win so far this season, but I don’t even think you can consider one million dollars per win frugal. The average amount spent on a win this season is 1.971 million dollars, which really puts into perspective how much money there is in sports, especially considering the fact that there are so many baseball games in a season.

So how much does winning cost? Way more than you and I can even think about affording, that is for sure.  So if you feel overwhelmed by the numbers, just sit back down on the couch and continue to be an avid sports fan, but in the back of your head just be thankful that you are indeed a fan, not the one spending 3.2 million dollars on a single win.



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