By Tim Zuspan

Christian Brand, a WV Amateur and two-time WV Open winner, is setting his expectations high for this year’s 2017 Greenbrier Classic. A West Virginia native and Marshall University alumnus, he is excited to be returning to his home state for this year’s tournament. He is having a solid year on the Tour, with two top-twenty finishes to account for this season. Brand said that he has been, “working hard,” and is proud of himself for receiving a sponsor exemption for this year’s Classic.IMG_6307

Brand won the WV Amateur back in 2011 at the Greenbrier and then played in the 2011 Greenbrier Classic. He struggled that year at the Classic and failed to make the cut. He said, “…when I played as an amateur, I didn’t know what to expect and I wasn’t ready for it at all…this year I know what the first tee is going to be like,” and feels this will give him a confidence to play well this week.IMG_6302


Brand is now setting the bar high and said that his expectation is, “ To win. …if you don’t aim high you won’t miss high. If you set the bar low, all of a sudden you will start creeping down the leaderboard, so you have to try and win…I try to visualize myself winning from week to week.” Christian Brand believes winning would mean “everything” to him and his community after last year’s tragedy. He loves the newly remodeled course and is excited to have the opportunity to play in this year’s Greenbrier Classic.



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